Dean McGrath

Director, iOS Developer

Thank you for visiting Gruppo. Here we have built custom enterprise applications for 14 companies across Australia, within industries including tertiary education, fitness & health, catering and entertainment.

I have been developing native iOS applications for the past 4 years. All applications have been built using swift and either Firebase or CoreData as the backend. Check out Gruppo's apps below for further features and feel free to Contact Us

Application Portfolio

A collection of Gruppo's iOS applications

UNESafe App

Provides the University of New England with the necessary tools to efficiently respond to and enact action plans in the event of an emergency.


Encourages users to actively take care of their health by prompting them to have regular check ups as well as providing them with weekly healthy tips.

UNELife Staff

Provides UNELife departments with the tools to effectively manage staff processes and procedures to improve the operating efficiency of each department and staff.